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Bachelorette Pad Must-Haves

July 10, 2017

You often hear about “bachelor pads” but what about the bachelorettes? Create a sophisticated space as stylish and chic as you are with these key pieces. Full length mirror A bachelorette pad, or any home, isn’t complete without a full-length mirror near the door. Not only will it allow you to touch up your makeup […]

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Easy (and Affordable!) Ways to Change your Décor for Summer

June 26, 2017

One of the great things about home décor is how easily it can be swapped and changed out for something different. Now that summer’s here, check out these simple and affordable ways you can freshen up your space. Bedding In the winter, you may opt for flannel sheets but in the summer, switch them out […]

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They’ll Never Want to Leave! Creating Warm & Inviting Entertainment Spaces

June 12, 2017

Having a welcoming home, one where your guests don’t want to leave, is both enjoyable and gratifying. One of the best parts of having a space that all of your friends and family love is picking out the pieces of furniture and décor that you’ll be sitting on, talking about or admiring. So whether you’re […]

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Watch TV in Style: Searching for the Perfect TV Stand

May 30, 2017

We spend a lot of time on our couches surfing channels, and whether you’re catching up on the latest news or watching Saturday morning cartoons with your kids, watch TV in style by choosing the perfect TV stand. If you’re on the hunt, here’s what you should look for: Style Choose a TV stand that […]

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Why Does Quality Furniture Cost So Much?

May 15, 2017

We get this question all the time when customers are furnishing their homes – why is good furniture so expensive? Sometimes it can feel like you’re spending just as much to decorate your house as you did to purchase it in the first place! While we understand how frustrating that can be, the good news […]

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Spring Trends: 7 Floral Home Décor Ideas

May 1, 2017

Add some freshness to your home this spring by incorporating floral prints and patterns into your décor.  Here are seven simple ideas: Decorative Throw Pillows Liven up your living space with some floral throw pillows or pillow covers. Because they are so easy to swap out from season to season, throw pillows are a quick […]

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