A Passion for Great Design

Metro Home is proud to be one of Cleveland’s premier BDi furniture dealers. Founded in 1984 by Bill Becker, BDi believes that great design is more than what meets the eye. Sure, BDi furniture is beautiful, but the difference is in the innovation with which each piece is built.

Innovation, sustainability and forward-thinking design. That’s what BDi is all about. Come see what we’re talking about at Metro Home in downtown Cleveland!

Stylish entertainment furniture

As a true leader in the industry (and one of the first brands to ever manufacture home theater furniture), BDi’s designs are ahead of the curve, combining function with incredible attention to detail and unrivaled innovation. BDi’s award winning TV stands and media cabinets are made to meet the demanding needs of today’s ever changing technology with features such as cable management, hidden wheels, adjustable shelves and more. Whether you’re looking to elevate your family room, bedroom or living room, BDi offers a home theater solution for any space of any size.

Find your ideal home workspace

Organization, comfort and style – the perfect recipe for a productive home office. BDi desks and office chairs can provide all three, and more! Whether you’re going for a “home-y” or a corporate feel, BDi has you covered with a wide range of office furniture in many unique and striking styles. From more traditional desks to innovative standing desks, make your dream home office a reality with BDi.

But wait, there’s more!

BDi doesn’t stop at home theater and office furniture. Whether used as an accent piece or the focal point in a room, a BDi table adds a touch of elegant simplicity to your décor. Choose from mobile media tables that can be used anywhere or eye-catching glass tables in unique shapes and sizes. Add storage to your space with BDi’s collection of unique shelving units. Made to stand alone or in sets of multiple, BDi shelves are sure to make a statement.

Great design…sustainably

The energy, resources and materials that go into BDi furniture are just as important as the final product. While great design and innovation are always at the forefront of the BDi brand, the company never loses sight of their environmental responsibility. From sustainable packaging to incorporating green initiatives into all steps of the manufacturing process including paperless order entry and invoicing, Metro is proud to carry such an environmentally conscious brand in our showroom.