Elite Modern

Proudly made in the USA

Metro Home is proud to be Cleveland’s one-stop-shop for Elite Modern dining room, living room, bedroom and home office furniture. The brand has been producing and manufacturing furniture right here in the USA, Southern California to be exact, since their inception in 1988.

Experience the quality and original design that Elite Modern has to offer. Come visit us at our downtown Cleveland location!

Original design, outstanding value

Elite Modern maintains a strong collaboration with two of America’s top independent designers, Carl Muller and Rick Lee, who aim to continuously keep designs fresh and innovative. These designers truly are the best of the best, pulling inspiration from worldwide trends to craft stunning pieces that are one of a kind.

Custom finishes to meet your unique needs

Customize your selection with Elite Modern’s wide variety of finishes. Fabric and metal options vary in color and texture, allowing you to tailor your piece to fit your style. Obtain your desired look by choosing from oak, walnut or birch wood components finished with hand-wiped stains, sealers and top coats. Elite Modern’s California manufacturing facility allows for a quick turnaround, even when it comes to customized selections.

Modern Furniture Done Right

Elite Modern is known for their elegant take on modern furniture. The thoughtfulness and creativity put into every design results in timeless pieces that are distinctively and uniquely beautiful. Clean lines, custom finishes and a mix of glass, metal and wood are just some of the characteristics you’ll find in each original Elite Modern piece.

Furniture to Last a Lifetime

Elite Modern pieces are made with materials and finishes that require minimal upkeep. The unique power-coat finishing process allows for maximum durability. With the right care, you’ll be enjoying your furniture for years and years to come.