“Furniture Made Right”

Three simple words. But they get to the heart and soul of what makes Palliser one of the world’s pre-eminent furniture manufacturers. Palliser believes that the keys to making furniture right include manufacturing in North America, because the hands and minds of North American craftspeople can never be replaced. In fact, every piece of Palliser furniture, every Palliser sectional, every Palliser recliner, ships to you with a photo of the actual product and the signature of the craftsperson who completed it.

Those are values passed down through the decades by a family legacy that began 70 years ago. And that’s a commitment to perfection few furniture companies can equal, which is why Metro Home Furniture is delighted to present our signature gallery of Palliser furniture in our Downtown Cleveland location.


Unrivaled quality

Palliser furniture isn’t just built to last, it’s built to “wow!” Palliser sources only the finest materials for each exquisitely crafted piece of furniture, from the fabric and frame to the tiniest details. They have diligent, redundant quality control systems in place to ensure the unrivaled quality that is their hallmark. Quality checks occur at every step of the production process, and team members are empowered to pull products that don’t meet Palliser’s high standards. That’s not how everyone does it. But that’s how you make furniture right.

It’s not a one size fits all world

Every room in your home presents its own unique challenges, its own unique space just waiting to be filled, perfectly, with a Palliser sectional, a Palliser sofa or a Palliser recliner. Don’t settle for a piece of furniture that only “kind of” fits your room and your décor. Palliser has seating solutions for the most challenging of spaces, with limitless cover color selections and a variety of furniture configurations.

Style Meets Comfort

Every Palliser sofa is as stylish and well-made as it is comfortable. Every Palliser recliner is ergonomically designed to envelope and support your body, with an immaculately engineered mechanism. And every Palliser sectional is designed with you, your family and your friends in mind, to provide you with a welcoming place to come home to and to entertain in.

Unmatched Customer Support

Palliser takes pride in offering exceptional customer support throughout every step of the customer journey. Their company culture, based on employee growth, enrichment and success, encourages team members to continuously broaden their skillset in order to better serve customers. It is this service that is truly unrivaled, and unique to the Palliser brand.