Stressless by Ekornes

Ultimate Comfort: A Brief History

The Ekornes Furniture story has its humble beginnings in 1934, in the small Norwegian town of Sunnmøre. Jens Ekornes began by manufacturing mattress springs, then the mattresses themselves. In 1971, Stressless by Ekornes introduced the world to the concept of ultimate comfort, in the form of the first recliner designed to meet your body’s need for movement and support when seated.

The rest, as they say, is history. Ekornes is, according to the description on their website, “A leading brand name supplier of home furniture in domestic and international markets.” While true, that statement does not go nearly far enough. The reason Metro Home Furniture is so proud to be Cleveland’s foremost showroom of Stressless by Ekornes furniture is that Stressless is, quite simply, the most comfortable furniture in the world.

Did we mention comfort?

The entire line of modern chairs, recliners and sofas by Ekornes Stressless has been exquisitely designed and engineered to provide the highest possible level of comfort through innovative features and a focus on fit, whether you’re sitting upright or reclined. Ekornes is a company on a mission to make the most contemporary comfortable furniture in the world. They’ve succeeded because of their ingenuity, their technical expertise and their stylish execution.

Form, function, perfection

Stressless Furniture by Ekornes is an example of what happens when form is surpassed only by function, and beauty only by comfort. Metro Home Furniture’s Stressless by Ekornes collection features a wide range of contemporary furniture, from classic Stressless recliner chairs to ottomans, loveseats and sofas. Recognized in stylish circles worldwide, Stressless is still designed and produced in the Sunnmore Alps of central Norway, and brought directly to you here in Cleveland by Metro Home.

Furniture for every taste and every room

Stressless by Ekornes creates modern Scandinavian furniture in a range of styles broad enough for every taste and for every room. However, one thing stays the same no matter what style you choose - the quality. Ekornes employs skilled craftsmen who use only the highest quality woods, leathers, fabrics and finishes.

We really aren't kidding about comfort

The Ekornes philosophy is that when it comes to furniture, comfort matters most. When you lay back in a Stressless recliner, you experience the complete oneness with the piece of furniture—a feeling of effortless support. Feel how the Plus™ system embraces your back and neck and how the Stressless Glide system reads your body to understand your optimal level of comfort. Every aspect of Ekorness Stressless furniture cohesively works together, with just one goal—your complete comfort and contentment.