More Than a Footrest: Make the Most out of Your Ottoman

When you think about the most versatile piece of furniture in your home, it can be easy to look past the cushion you rest your feet on while you’re watching TV. However, ottomans not only offer comfort, they can offer storage, style and more. Rethink your foot stool and check out these fun, multipurpose uses for the classic ottoman.

A creative storage solution

In almost every home, there’s a need for additional storage. Ottomans with a hinged top can conceal small electronics, kid’s toys, video games, books, blankets or pillows.

A decorated coffee table

Since they’re nearly the same height, ottomans make excellent coffee table replacements. Place a tray table on top of your piece and fill it with books, magazines, candles, coasters and other knick-knacks.

ottoman coffee table

Overflow seating

When entertaining, an ottoman can double as additional seating. And, because ottomans are usually fairly light, they can be moved easily to different areas of the room or another space in your home.

lazar harper bench ottoman

A bedroom bench

An ottoman (or two next to each other!) placed at the foot of your bed makes the perfect spot for extra throw pillows or blankets, or simply just to relax on.

ottoman bedroom

A showpiece

More and more, ottomans are becoming the focal point of a room. Make a statement with a brightly colored, patterned, uniquely-shaped, tufted or oversized ottoman.

A couch extension

Some couches come with coordinating ottomans that align with the unit to make it longer. This is perfect for movie night or when relaxing, and can be removed when needed to make extra space or to create additional seating elsewhere.

younger furniture studio modular scetional

A stylish footrest

If for nothing else, you can use an ottoman for its original intended purpose – a place to kick up your feet!

From small to oversized, an ottoman can give you more storage, more seating and more style. Who wouldn’t want a piece that versatile?

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