Futon Mattresses

ss-badgeFew pieces of furniture are as versatile for your home as the futon; it’s for seating, it’s for sleeping, it’s two things in one without taking up all that extra space that a bed would. A futon can be an exquisite piece of furniture in its own right; it’s not just for dorm rooms any more!

Futons are made up of three components, the frame the mattress and the cover. Our selection of frames is unmatched. Choose from both wood and steel frames in a huge variety of styles and finishes. We’re sure to have one to match your home décor.

A futon mattress has to work for both sitting and sleeping, and a great futon mattress must be comfortable for both. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our mattresses.

Last, but certainly not least, is the futon cover. Our collection of futon cover styles, colors and patterns must be seen to be believed.

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